Traffic Patterns During Construction

This project will require various traffic patterns to be implemented within various stages of the project. Below you will find maps reflecting the proposed traffic patterns. This website provides a newsletter feature that will allow you to be notified as these various traffic patterns are implemented. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!

Future proposed traffic patterns for Lake Cook Road during construction:

(Proposed traffic patterns for Waukegan Road are provided further below)

LakeCookStage1 LakeCookStage2
LakeCookStage3 LakeCookStage4

The work that is to be performed on Lake Cook Road in the 2013 season will be constructed in four stages:

 STAGE 1: The first stage of construction will include the installation of temporary traffic signals and the demolition of median islands to provide for temporary pavement to allow for the maintenance of one lane of traffic in each direction and left-turn lanes during construction.

STAGE 2: During the second stage, construction activity will be limited to the northern half of Lake Cook Road while the roadway and Village water main is constructed. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and will be shifted to the southern half of Lake Cook Road.

STAGE 3: The third stage will shift traffic back over to the newly constructed northern half of Lake Cook Road while the southern half of the road is constructed.

STAGE 4: The fourth stage of construction allows for the landscaped median to be constructed and planted.

The work that is to be performed on Waukegan Road in the 2013 season will be constructed in three stages: 

These stages may be implemented simultaneously with the work on Lake Cook Road. Therefore in efforts not to confuse the stages, Waukegan Road's stages are described using Alpha (i.e. A, B, C). While Lake Cook Road's traffic stages are described using numerics. (i.e. 1,2, 3 & 4).

WaukeganStageA WaukeganStageB WaukeganStageC

The CCDOTH has committed to keeping at least one lane open in each direction and left turn lanes available at all signalized intersections along Lake Cook Road for the duration of the project. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this improvement.

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